Bored Paradise

But PPStream does not have an English interface so u will either have to guess at the meaning of things, or else translate it if u can't read Chinese. 0 0 0 Log in to reply to the answers Post Watched two shows on PPStream yesterday, Kungfu Panda and Sex is Zero 2. Another funny comedy + some heart warming content. Furious Five could have had more time to show their moves and skills, they had very few lines to talk too It has the usual R-rated scenes. Was more hilarious than the first episode. I didn't really laugh during the first episode, only smiles, but i laughed at multiple Coming Soon... henh3n [email protected] 0, Hmm. I watched this drama on PPStream. Damn nice! Is a must watch drama. Confirm chop will cry! I am now at ep 14. I can say that. This drama can make you laugh and cry at the same time. Did not go school today. Today not my paper. Or rather. I am not going school tmr too. Having cough and flu. Don wish to pass to others in class. Hmmm. Mrs A romantics movie that I've just watched! I checked out my PPstream movie list and saw a movie called wedding daze... so I clicked it. This...

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